Desa Plants PLC is a Belgian company producing cuttings of ornamental plants and is located in Ejersa, 83km from Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. Desa Plants was established in 2007 by Ludo Decock and was originally only exporting pelargonium cuttings.

The company started with 4 hectares of greenhouses in 2008 and in the meantime has expanded to 14 hectares of greenhouses. Also the assortment of ornamental plant cuttings has widely expanded. Next to a wide assortment of pelargonium cuttings, Desa Plants now also exports cuttings of dipladenia, poinsettia, bedding plants, herbs and perennials all over the world.

The company now employs 650 people and is managed by a team of motivated Belgian and Ethiopian professionals.
Desa Plants is committed to produce and export top quality cuttings with respect for people and environment.

What do we do?

Desa Plants produces about 60 million cuttings of ornamental plants and pot plants and exports the cuttings mainly to the European and Northern American market. More recently also other global markets are added to our sales network.

Our customers are mainly rooting stations and professional growers. The company in Ethiopia produces the cuttings while Decock Plants in Belgium is our major rooting station.

Impression of our greenhouse

In 2007 Decock decided to build its own company in Ethiopia. Having the motherstock in our own hands was the motivation behind that decision. This is the only way we can assure the quality we want.


Desa Plants exports rooted and unrooted cuttings of pelargonium, dipladenia, poinsettia, bedding plants, pot plants, herbs and perennials all over the world.




Bedding plants





Desa Plants is committed and guarantees that the quality and the health of the products will always be at the core of our business. Desa Plants has put in place a system for identification, follow up, traceability and control of the quality in all the different processes in the company. All starting plant material entering our company meets the highest plant health levels. We ensure consistency throughout the whole production process till delivery to the customer.

We strive for customer satisfaction by applying every day our in house knowledge and by working continuously with our team on improvement. We believe in constant learning and by keeping close relationship with our customers we are able to further monitor the performance of our products at the growers’ stage.


Desa Plants is a young and dynamic company and invests continuously in recruitment and people. Are you looking for a challenging job in an international company with worldwide ambitions?

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